Quebec’s winters are harsh, to say the least. Throughout the whole season, we are cooped up inside for a long period of time. So, when summer finally comes, we just want to stay outside as much as possible. Whether we’re talking about a kitchen or a living room, more and more people want to create spatial continuums by removing the dividing wall between indoor and outdoor. No more barriers. The outside is literally becoming an extension of the inside, and this outdoor living trend seems to be there to last.

If you are thinking about transposing the cozy comfort of your interior outside, you can trust Nick and his associates to do the job right. Using only the best products in the landscaping industry – Permacon products – we can help you transform your outdoor living space into a heavenly retreat. You will be able to take full advantage of the summer season. As beautiful as they are functional, Permacon products offer endless design possibilities.

Landscaping products have undergone remarkable changes in recent years. These changes coincide with the current trend of the living outdoors concept. When it comes to the latest trends in the landscaping industry, our team of landscape architects and our Permacon distributors are always ahead. With them, your outdoor living project is in good hands.

Permacon Leads the Way

Permacon has become an indisputable leader in the landscaping field. Over the years, this Canadian company has developed a wide range of landscaping products with an infinite creative potential: pavers, flagstones, stone steps, edges, coping and much more. Whether you are looking to create a Zen and relaxing living area or an inviting entertainment space, with Permacon, you will find a product that meets your needs.

As an authorized installer of Permacon products, let us make your outdoor living space project come to fruition.

Melville® Plank Slabs - Range Margaux Beige
Melville® Tandem® Wall - Range Margaux Beige
Melville® Tandem® Capping Modules - Rockland Black
Mega-Melville® Step - Range Margaux Beige